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Welcome to Team Toho, the online Toho community.

Here you will find information about manufacturing, upcoming events, and more.

TOHO challenge entrants 2013

The 2013 TOHO Challenge


Each designer was given the same beads and asked to submit their completed designs. Everything is different and done in the designer's personal style. View the original designs here:


The same beads were then given to beaders during the Bead and Button Show.  Their artistic interpretation of the beads will be posted very soon.

Bead and Button Recap

Team Toho at The Bead & Button Show 2011
From Left: Rochelle Peterson, Ayako Takeuji, Heather Patterson, Kelsey Lampert, Kim Tamarin, Iwao Yamanaka, Dave Starman, Bob Sorenson

Treasures of Toho Contest

2012 Treasures of TOHO Competition

Competition Divisions
Beginning Beader: 1-2 Years Experience
Intermediate Beader: 3-4 Years Experience
Advanced Beader: 5+ Years Experience

Competition Categories
Wearable Art: necklaces, bracelets, gloves, clothing, purses, adornments

Sculptural Art: free standing work, wall hangings

AIKO Beads: wearable or sculptural


Competition Prizes

First Place: $300 Gift Certificate

Second Place: $200 Gift Certificate

Third Place: $100 Gift Certificate



There will be a First, Second & Third chosen in each Division and Category. Prizes will be supplied by TOHO and issued through the sponsoring store.




Please visit your local participating bead store for more information and the complete rules.






No events available.